Coffee Drinks

The Different Types Of Coffee Drinks Explained

Most Often Than Not, People When They Visit a Coffee Shop Can Have Not Idea What Half The Menu Is All About. But With The Current Coffee Trends, There Is a Huge Chance That You Might Not Have Heard a Lot About These Coffee Recipes. Most People Who Drink Coffee Consists Of Three Common Ingredients Espresso, Steamed Milk And Foam. Here Are a Few Different Types Of Coffee Explained.


The Espresso, Also Known As The Short Black Is One Ounce Of Highly Concentrated Coffee. This Is a Coffee Which Is Very Simple In Appearance And Can Be Easy To Master. All You Need Is One Shot Of Espresso Which Is 2-4 Oz Of The Espresso Cup.

Double Espresso

A Double Espresso Can Also Be Listed As ‘Doppio,’ Which Is The Italian Word For ‘Double’. This Drink Is Highly Concentrated And Strong. This Is a Shot Which Contains Around 3-4oz Demitasse Cup, Which Can Be Quite Strong To Handle At First.



Red-Eye Is One Such Espresso Which Allows You To Add More Caffeine Into Your Standard Cup. The Red-Eye Contains One Shot Of Espresso And 6oz Of Dip Brew Coffee. The Red-Eye Is For People Who Love To Start Their Day With a Bang.

Black Eye

The Black Eye Is Just The Double Version Of The Red-Eye And Is Highly Caffeinated. Add Two Shots Of Espresso And 6oz Of Drip-Brewed Coffee. This Is One Coffee Which Includes 8 To 10oz Coffee Mug.


Americano Is One Of The Most Popular Drinks Which Originated During World War Ii. The Water Was Added To Their Drinks To Extend Their Rations Further. The Water Dilutes The Espresso And Is One Way To Maintain a High Level Of Caffeine. This Coffee Contains One Shot Of Espresso With 3oz Of Hot Water Served In a Glass Coffee Mug.


Long Black

A Long Black Is a Similar Coffee Drink To The Americano, But It Originated In New Zealand And Australia. This Drink Has More Crema To It Than The Americano. The Ratio Is All About Adding Two Shots Of Espresso With 3 Oz Hot Water And Is Also Served In Glass Coffee Mug.


The Word Macchiato Means To Mark Or Stain. This Is Due To The Mark The Steamed Milk Leaves On The Surface Of The Espresso, Which Can Add To a Dash Of Fun To The Drink. There Are Many Flavouring People Add To The Drink, Which Depends On The Preference Of The Customers.

Long Macchiato


This Is Often Confused With Macchiato, But Long Macchiato Is a Taller Version And Is Very Distinctive With The Layers Of Coffee And Steamed Milk. It Usually Is Two Shots Of Espresso With 2-4 Teaspoons To Steamed Milk In a Rock Glass.

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