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We are a family owned restaurant with a large and attractive menu selection. Our World Famous Super Fish Sandwich is one of our specialities along with our Catch of the Day, scallops, prime rib, chicken parmesan, fettuccine Alfredo or any of our speciality sandwiches. We do serve wine and beer. There is something for everyone on our menu!


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With Craig's Restaurant, we want to provide our customers with some of the delicious meals which can make your mouth water almost instantly.

Malted Waffle

Malted Waffle is the best ways to get your craving out of the way as an after lunch snack as the flavours can lift your mood.


Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

A classic chicken parmesan sandwich is of Chef's special, which is made amazing with the help of homemade sauce.


Fish Sandwich

We have access to fresh fishes, and we want to make good use of it, and one way we serve them is as a sandwich.


California Fruit Plate

Looking for healthy options? Our California fruit plate can add a few hints of spices to your bland plate of fruits to make it more enjoyable.



A classic which can ever be replaced in our hearts and can satisfy your taste buds with the unique blend of spices and yum.


Good Food | Good Wine​

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Half Price Bottles of Wine and Six Tasty Lunches for $9

A dish can never be complete without it accompanying a beverage. Wine is our recommended beverage to add ensure that you enjoy your meal better.

Happy Customers!

"They have the best fish sandwich! The fish is cooked to perfection and can bring joy to people eating it."

- Rebecca T. Quarles

"The whole experience with Craig's Restaurants can allow you to enjoy the time that you spend there, and the delicious food adds to the experience.""

- Jamie J. Hope

"The food here is amazing. The staff is friendly and well dressed. The overall experience is something which has helped me grow."

- Loreen D. Militello

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Weekly Healthy Food Recipe From A Body Transformation Expert

Restaurant Trends

Spinach Fettuccine


Looking for a healthy and delicious meal that doesn’t require a long list of ingredients?  This spinach fettuccine is the perfect go-to recipe for a busy weeknight meal.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that you aren’t sick of green foods yet because for today’s Recipe Redux challenge, body transformation city of London are posting one of their family’s favourites: spinach fettuccine!

For those of you who may not know, the Recipe Redux is the first and only recipe challenge group founded by registered dietitians.  The goal is to take delicious recipes and keep them delicious while at the same time making them better for you.  I’ve loved seeing all the delicious and healthy recipes fellow Redux-ers come up with!  The themes every month are so fun too, and this month is no exception!

Theme: 7-Ingredient (Or Less) Recipes

As I thought about my favorite go-to recipes, I thought about how I probably wouldn’t ever have thought to put them on the blog because they seem so simple, but I’m glad this challenge reminded me that delicious and healthy don’t have to be complicated!


Spinach fettuccine is one of my husband’s favorite dishes.  His mom would always make it for him on his birthday and serve it along with orange jello and banana slices on top.  They don’t remember how the tradition started, and the orange-banana jello concoction is a little strange, but it has been a fun and tasty meal to have and eat together.

I modified my mother-in-law’s recipe to make it a little easier and faster to make, and my husband says it still tastes great! and best of all its healthy food.

The gist of the recipe is this: cook the pasta and chicken, and then combine.  Pretty simple, huh?

Before I give you the actual recipe, I have to offer some nutritional insight!   Spinach fettuccine noodles are fairly similar to regular pasta noodles, but they have higher percentages of potassium, vitamin A, calcium, and 1 g more fiber/serving (typically).  They are also slightly higher in calories.  If you are not a huge fan of spinach noodles, you can use regular or whole wheat pasta noodles too.  Whole wheat noodles are higher fiber and protein content.  That being said, eat what you like!  I have found for me personally that portion control with pasta is more important than which type of pasta you choose as a general rule.  It’s so easy to eat tonsssss of pasta, especially when the recipe is delicious like this one!  Listen to your body, and eat what you want, and don’t overdue it! 

I like to add some fresh spinach leaves into this recipe to up the nutrition and taste!  The leaves make the green color of the pasta look more alive.


Spinach Fettuccine Recipe 


Serves 4

Spinach fettuccine with chicken is a fast, filling, and deliciously healthy recipe the whole family can enjoy! It’s only 7 ingredients that are easy to keep on hand for those busy nights.

Prep Time

5 min

Cook Time

15 min

Total Time

20 min



  • 8 oz Spinach fettuccine noodles, cooked and drained
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/2 Tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 lb. chicken breast, cubed
  • 1 c Parmesan cheese, grated
  • 1 c fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 teaspoon salt



  1. Cook fettuccine noodles according to package directions.
  2. While the noodles are cooking, heat olive oil in frying pan on medium heat.
  3. Sautee garlic about 30 seconds, then add chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces
  4. Cook chicken in the garlic and oil until cooked through, about 10 min.
  5. Drain the pasta, and combine the chicken, garlic, and oil into the pot the pasta was cooked in.
  6. Add the grated Parmesan cheese, spinach leaves, and salt. Mix together until the cheese coats the noodles and chicken evenly.
  7. Serve and enjoy!



  • Serve with a tossed salad or steamed veggies!


8 Easy Kid-Friendly Hot Dog Dinner Ideas

Hot Dog

A Weeknight Meal Can Easily Add To The Kid-Friendly Hot Dog Ideas. There Are a Lot Of Creative Ways Which Can Allow One To Enjoy This Wrapped Dogs From Slicing Them Into Funny Shapes And Quick And Easy Meals To Make. Here Are a Few Kid-Friendly Hot Dog Dinner Ideas For You And Your Kids To Enjoy.


This Is The For Children Who Are Three Or Younger. This Is a Hot Dog Recipe Which Can Add To The Taste Of The Taste And Can Be Made Enjoyable By Adding Foods To Make Food Fun To Play As Well As Consume.


Pigs In a Blanket

This Is One Of The Best Recipes Which Can Be Enjoyed By Kids And Adults Alike. There Are Many People Who Are Trying To Switch Their Hot Dog Recipes. Pigs In a Blanket Is One Of The Ways You Can Easily Use a Crescent Dough Wrap It Around And Hot Dog And Make It Much More Presentable. This Allows You To Enjoy Your Food As Well As Make It Tasty.

Burrito Style Hot Dog Roll-Ups

This Is Another Style Which Is Hand Made And Quick And Easy To Roll Up Around Is The Burrito Style Hot Dog Roll-Ups. This Is One Which You Can Easily Customise According To Your Needs. You Can Substitute It With Cheese Or Tortillas To Help Suit Your Family’s Taste.

Hot Dog Mummies

Hot Dog

This Is The Style Of Hot Dogs Which Is Quite Simple Yet Looks Complicated. This Is One Dish Where You Take Pizza Roll And Enjoy The Hot Dog In The Right Way. There Are Many Hot Dog Ideas Which Mummies Can Try Out Which Is Sure To Add To The Overall Taste Of The Hot Dog.

Easy Cheese Hot Dog Crescent Rolls

This Is One Which Can Bring You Nostalgia Taking You Back To The Old Days Of Your Childhood. This Is One Where You Can Add a Few Long Slices Of Pickles, Carrots And Hot Dogs Which Is Sure To Be Enjoyed In Any Forms.

Wiener Winks

This Is Another Pro-Tip Where You Can Enjoy Some Of The Best Kid-Friendly Hot Dog Recipes In a Minute. All You Have To Do Is Slather Some Butter And Place The Cheese And Hot Dogs And Wrap It. This Is Something Which Will Allow You To Enjoy The Hot Dogs Right At Home For The Best Dinner.


Homemade Corn Dogs

This Is Another Dish Which Is Sure To Be Consumed Right Before Your Eyes. All You Have To Do Is Dip The Hot Dog In a Mildly Sweet Cornmeal Batter And Deep Fry It To a Golden Brown, And You Have Yourself Homemade Corn Dogs.

Popular Menu Items And Restaurant Trends

Restaurant Trends

When It Comes To Planing a Restaurant Menu, One Of The First Things To Look Into Is The Food Trends. It Is Important That You Are Looking Into The Restaurant And The Customers’ Interest, Which Can Allow Them To Generate Some Buzz In The Local Audience. Here Is a List Of a Few All-Time Popular Menu Items Which Can Get Your Restaurant Trending.

Classic Comfort Food

Classics Like Meatloaf, Shepherd’s Pie, Pot Roast And Gravy Are Some Of The Comfort Foods That Everyone Enjoys. Customers Enjoy The Experience Of Dining On Tasty Home-Cooked Food Which Can Allow Them To Prepare Themselves. The Mass Appeal Of The Savoury Needs To Remind Them Of Childhood, Which Can Add To The Customers Coming In More Often.


Local Ingredients

It Is Important That You Are Using Locally Grown Food Which Has Increased In Popularity, Especially Among People Who Are Health Conscious. This Is Often Called The Farm To Table Food Which Is All Organic And Allows The Customers To Enjoy The Quality Of The Food While Feeling Connected To The Restaurant.

Gourmet Versions Of The Classics

Classic Foods Like The Hamburgers Are Some Of The Most Popular Restaurant Menus Which Allows You To Have a Creative Spin On The Crowd-Pleasers. Gourmet Burgers Can Easily Range From The $33 To $777 Options. Burgers Are Not The Only One Which Can Provide You With Getting The Gourmet Treatment. Try To Opt For Dishes Like The Lobster Macaroni And Cheese; Caviar Topped Pizza And Other Eye-Catching Options.

Kids Friendly Menu


People Understand The Effects Of Childhood Obesity And Are Looking Into New Ways Of Enjoying Kid Foods. Try To Make Sure That You Have Options For Kids Like Hummus And Carrots, Fruits Salad, Whole Grain Pasta And Roasted Vegetable Chips Which Can Be An Instant Hit In The Menu.

Cbd Infused Foods And Drinks

Cbd Oil Has Become One Of The Most Popular Treatments For Anxiety And Stress Disorders. It Is Important That You Are Trying To Make The Right Menus Which Can Be Easier For People To Capitalise On. Foods And Drinks Infused With Cbd, Which Can Be Found From Coffee Shop Menus To Five-Star Restaurants.

Zero-Waste Cooking

Zero-Waste Cooking Is a Branch Of Movement Which Includes Using The Leftovers And Creating a Full Meal Out Of The Dish. Zero Waste Generally Incorporates On-Site Or Outsourced Composting Restaurant Food Material. When People Use Food Which Is Generally Considered Scraps Like Carrot, Turnip Greens And Others To Transform Them Into a Healthy Meal, It Is Called Zero-Waste Food. There Is Also An Option Of Using Coffee Grounds To Help Flavour The Ice Creams. This Is The Type Of Cooking Which Is Sure To Attract The Millennials And Gen Z.

The Different Types Of Coffee Drinks Explained

Coffee Drinks

Most Often Than Not, People When They Visit a Coffee Shop Can Have Not Idea What Half The Menu Is All About. But With The Current Coffee Trends, There Is a Huge Chance That You Might Not Have Heard a Lot About These Coffee Recipes. Most People Who Drink Coffee Consists Of Three Common Ingredients Espresso, Steamed Milk And Foam. Here Are a Few Different Types Of Coffee Explained.


The Espresso, Also Known As The Short Black Is One Ounce Of Highly Concentrated Coffee. This Is a Coffee Which Is Very Simple In Appearance And Can Be Easy To Master. All You Need Is One Shot Of Espresso Which Is 2-4 Oz Of The Espresso Cup.

Double Espresso

A Double Espresso Can Also Be Listed As ‘Doppio,’ Which Is The Italian Word For ‘Double’. This Drink Is Highly Concentrated And Strong. This Is a Shot Which Contains Around 3-4oz Demitasse Cup, Which Can Be Quite Strong To Handle At First.



Red-Eye Is One Such Espresso Which Allows You To Add More Caffeine Into Your Standard Cup. The Red-Eye Contains One Shot Of Espresso And 6oz Of Dip Brew Coffee. The Red-Eye Is For People Who Love To Start Their Day With a Bang.

Black Eye

The Black Eye Is Just The Double Version Of The Red-Eye And Is Highly Caffeinated. Add Two Shots Of Espresso And 6oz Of Drip-Brewed Coffee. This Is One Coffee Which Includes 8 To 10oz Coffee Mug.


Americano Is One Of The Most Popular Drinks Which Originated During World War Ii. The Water Was Added To Their Drinks To Extend Their Rations Further. The Water Dilutes The Espresso And Is One Way To Maintain a High Level Of Caffeine. This Coffee Contains One Shot Of Espresso With 3oz Of Hot Water Served In a Glass Coffee Mug.


Long Black

A Long Black Is a Similar Coffee Drink To The Americano, But It Originated In New Zealand And Australia. This Drink Has More Crema To It Than The Americano. The Ratio Is All About Adding Two Shots Of Espresso With 3 Oz Hot Water And Is Also Served In Glass Coffee Mug.


The Word Macchiato Means To Mark Or Stain. This Is Due To The Mark The Steamed Milk Leaves On The Surface Of The Espresso, Which Can Add To a Dash Of Fun To The Drink. There Are Many Flavouring People Add To The Drink, Which Depends On The Preference Of The Customers.

Long Macchiato


This Is Often Confused With Macchiato, But Long Macchiato Is a Taller Version And Is Very Distinctive With The Layers Of Coffee And Steamed Milk. It Usually Is Two Shots Of Espresso With 2-4 Teaspoons To Steamed Milk In a Rock Glass.